About Judd Associates

Since our inception back in 1994 we have grown from strength to strength and today we’re confident to say that we’re an industry leading web design, web marketing and branding agency. Over the past 22 years we’ve established a reputation amongst a vast number of clients from Sussex, Kent, Surrey and the surrounding counties for building beautiful and engaging websites and running web marketing campaigns that don’t just attract new visitors, but provide an unparalleled user experience that keeps visitors returning time and time again.


Brand Identity

Judd Associates was formed before the internet became the behemoth communications and marketing tool that it is today, and because of that we have a wealth of experience in crafting branding strategies for businesses from a wide range of different sectors, providing solutions for brand identity, projection and protection.

Our roots have always been in marketing and as the digital age became more prevalent we have adapted our approach to focus on online branding, but not at the exclusion of real world physical marketing materials. Our branding strategies can be as involved as you need them to be, from providing branded stationary using existing materials through to completely redesigning logos and implementing your new brand both offline and online.


Web Design

At Judd Associates we have a real passion for all things creative, and this shines through in the designs that we bring to life in all of the websites that we work on. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that we produce a website that not just maintains elements that are part of the original vision, but that we provide our services as design expertise and enhance your vision to achieve something truly special and unique.

Our development team are highly skilled and keep up to date with the latest PHP, CSS and HTML coding techniques to ensure that every website that we design produces the functionality that is envisioned during the design phase of the build. This process ensures that every website that we produce runs smoothly for all users, as well as being quick and responsive.


Web Marketing

It’s impossible to escape the influence that Google and other big search engines have had on the way that we use the internet. Google in particular has become the near undisputed gateway to the internet for many people, which is why a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign is a vital part of any web marketing strategy, and our skilled SEO team will work hard to make sure that your website is visible to your potential clients to ensure that your website performs to its full potential and turns clicks into clients.


Success and Growth

Our portfolio keeps on expanding and we’ve worked with clients from almost every sector imaginable and we’re proud of our proven track record of delivering results that matter and make a real difference to the businesses we work with. As with almost any business we measure our success by the return that our clients see on their investment, whether that is measured by an increase in the number of visitors to their website, higher search engine rankings or a greater conversion rate.

On our testimonials page you can read about what some of our clients have to say about us. From our offices in Lewes, East Sussex we’re passionate about the work that we do, and we want you to know that at Judd Associates, whatever the size of the job, we’ll give it 100% to get you the results that your business needs.

Meet the Principal Team Members

Like any business, our creative web design agency in Lewes can only be as good as the talented people who work here. Thankfully, our team is made up of a diverse selection of highly regarded and hand selected individuals who each bring specific skills and talents from their own field of expertise.

Our team is the ultimate blend of youth, experience, enthusiasm and wise old heads, and while we would love to list every talented coder from our web development team and artist from our web design team, these are three key members of the team that are integral to who we are at Judd Associates:

David Park
David Park
Managing Director
Jake Judd
Jake Judd
Creative Director
James Golding
James Golding
Operations Director


What we do

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce
  • User Interface – UI
  • User Experience – UX
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding
  • SEO – Web Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • App Development
  • Advertising
  • Brochures and Mailers

Who we've worked with

Gibbs Hartley Cooper
Sussex Country Gardener
Lapland UK
Tulley's Farm
Marsh Insurance
D & G Asset Management
Melior Clinics
Swift Alarms
Imperial Homes
Hempstead Valley
Benfell Food Services
Orchard Farm Chilled Foods
Vantage Professional Risks


Join our team

If you know your PHP from your MySQL or your HTML from your SEO, we might want to meet you. We know great talent when we see it, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to work for the leading web design agency in Sussex visit our careers page to see what opportunities are available.

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