Lenleys Furniture & Furnishings

The Brief

We were asked by Lenleys to design and build a comprehensive and fully bespoke e-commerce platform. The system needed to integrate and work with two external platforms both of which manage stock control software and the entire online product catalogue. As well as a standard e-commerce integration we determined that a bespoke ‘Order Builder’ was required for staff members to create and manage customer orders in-store whilst also enabling customers to purchase with ease from any location on mobile, desktop or tablet.


The Work

The website was built on the foundations of a popular existing e-commerce platform called OpenCart which gave us the foundation to form the general infrastructure. From there, we were able to integrate an XML driven product catalogue. XML files containing detailed product information are now processed through a custom XML “parser” which populates the websites database with all necessary product/category information needed in order to produce the catalogue shown on the website.

The website is then in constant communication with the product catalogue relaying specific product information shown to the user such as colour swatches, fabric grades and many other additional options.We designed the custom order builder to facilitate Lenleys staff creation of individual orders on behalf of customers whilst present in-store. Staff members are able to operate the website as if the customer was shopping at home, adding products to the shopping bag as well as discussing and choosing product specifics (colour, sizes, fabrics etc). Lenleys now have the additional ability to apply customer incentives and discounts to an order as well as the ability to add custom order products (products which are not necessarily part of the existing product catalogue), customer orders are then saved on behalf of each individual customer which they are able to pick up and process from their account at any time later.





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The Results

The completed website that results is an entirely organic, automated application whose product catalogue is driven by an external platform and then imported into the website seamlessly. As well as the functionality, the website boasts and impressive and modern design offering customers a great user experience and a chance to shop online with inordinate ease.

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