Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP

The Brief

Rix and Kay is a leading, progressive regional law firm with offices and influence across the South East. Before Judd Associates’ involvement Rix and Kay had a dated website that had become cumbersome and difficult to use. In itself it was not representative of Rix and Kay’s “Progressive and Forward Thinking” stance in what is a thoroughly expert field. One of the main issues with the then existing website was content layout, the sitemap structure was unintuitive and the pages themselves weren’t entirely user friendly.

With inconsistencies in the letter height, angles and character width, the Rix and Kay previous identity was in need of an update to make it utterly consistent throughout all media including the website, individual office location signage and frankly anywhere else where the branding was visible. As an individual typestyle the lettering layout in the new design is evolutionary yet now it has a distinct individual anatomy which provides the visual coherence necessary to create a memorable and trustworthy feature to this well established reliable and respected brand.


The Work

With a brand identity that is so firmly rooted in the minds of clients across the South East, we were keen not to alienate existing clients so the Judd Associates design team created an enhanced presentation that formalises the display for existing clients whilst also being approachable to new clients. Brand Evolution has been the result rendering a friendlier, yet more cohesive identity presentation.






The Results

The Rix and Kay brand identity is evolutionary yet future focused and was developed with the new website that we also designed in mind; employing specific brand colours to assist with brand recognition and loyalty. Our aim to create a user friendly yet thoroughly professional new website has been achieved, with all of Rix and Kay’s previous blog articles and “evergreen content” having been migrated to the new website, ensuring that maximum efficiency for the ongoing SEO campaign is achieved.

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