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The brand new Las Bodegas website demonstrates a vibrant design that showcases a level of integrated branding that makes its identity unmistakable. The design of each page gives you a feel for the origin of the individual wines that Las Bodegas sell, while ensuring that the user interface is clear and easy to navigate. This striking responsive design is backed up by the latest coding techniques used during development, and a Content Management System (CMS) that allows the team at Las Bodegas to quickly and easily make changes to their website as and when needed.

Las Bodegas homepage design

Working with Judd Associates was a breath of fresh air. With a marketing and design background myself I was delighted at their ability to cut through the pitfalls of jargon and really ‘get it’ in terms of the brief and what we were setting out to do. As well as having strong design and technical credentials, Judd are a highly service oriented company and that swung it for me. I can recommend them highly.

Laurie Webster, CEO | Las Bodegas


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