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Branding is not simply about getting your target market to choose you over your competitors; it is about getting them to see you as the only one who provides a solution to their problem.

At Judd Associates we have a passion for brands and understand the power they control. As the leading brand identity design agency in the South East, we can help your business connect with its target market emotionally and deliver its message clearly, concisely and practically.


Your brand identity is a crucial component to the long term success of your business.  Consumers identify with trustworthy brands and often become loyal clients as a result of the message that a brand conveys or the outward appearance and quality of the products that the company in question provides. By tapping in to the psyche of your target audience you can better identify their wants and needs, enabling you to align your business with their requirements.

Building Brand Identity

Building a brand identity is an ongoing challenge that requires you to emphasise the strengths of your brand over the competition. However, what makes a brand successful is more than just the sum of the parts of your visual identity.

A brand represents the heart and soul of a group or organisation, including the promises it makes, its effectiveness at delivering those promises, the people it employs and the way they treat each other and those with whom they come into contact. These factors combine to create honest and sincere “brand values” and these will inevitably include product quality, product variety and exclusivity among others.

Emphasis of your core brand values gives your organisation its personality, and it is this personality that existing customers are reminded of and reassured by when confronted with so called “competitors”  Association and comfort in your brand breeds loyalty in turn has the capacity to engender strong relationships. These relationships are then manifested in acceptance, loyalty and continued use and purchase of your products and services. Brand loyalty is the ultimate goal upon which real and tangible value can be attributed.

Brand Identity Audit

As companies grow, they often lose control of their standard corporate image. We call this “creeping change”. It takes discipline to maintain brand consistency while entering new markets and exploring new commercial opportunities, employing more staff, switching suppliers and constantly creating new marketing campaign materials, sales tools and promotional literature. After a few years, the company’s brand identity can easily be represented by different colour schemes, inconsistent typefaces and font spacing, variations in paper weight and differences in logo size and image quality.

Protecting your brand

As we conduct your brand consistency audit, we identify and evaluate each item that represents your brand. We consider whether the item is present, consistent with your brand, taking into account whether it has the same colours, fonts and image quality, and advise whether or not it is worth retaining. Some of the things we take into consideration when carrying out a brand protection campaign include letterheads, business cards, email templates and signatures, logos, websites, banners and any other promotional material that is used to engage your target audience. Once we have reviewed, and if needed, repaired your brand marketing elements, we implement quality management processes to ensure consistency, quality and brand protection moving forward. We will also provide a detailed style guide to ensure that graphical elements maintain the consistency of your businesses brand. This helps to ensure that marketing communications reach out to the right audience, are true to the business ethos and retain the “brand uniform” that is key to customer retention and loyalty. Typically, our brand style guide provides information on image variation and usage, design descriptions (for print and screen), element alignment, positioning and spacing, HEX, RGB and Pantone colour schemes, typeface choice and anything else that is used to promote your brand in all types of media.

Brand protection is crucial to the long term integrity of any brand orientated business. If you are in this position; as the leading brand identity agency in Sussex, we will conduct a company-wide corporate identity audit to get your business back on track. If your company is a start-up we can help you plan your brand strategy and install creative quality management procedures to ensure that you make the most of your brand now and in the future.

Brand Building Strategy

Brand Strategy

Brand Values

Your businesses core brand values need to be identified before they can be represented in digital and print format. Without understanding and appreciating the key values that align your business with the expectations of your target market, the whole process of brand design and market positioning are meaningless. Your businesses brand values must be identified before they can be emphasised and advertised. As the leading brand design agency in Sussex we know which questions to ask to help you discover more about you and your business, what you want to achieve and how you want your brand to affect existing clients and equally as important; entice new ones.

Brand Communication

Once we have helped you to identify what sets your business apart from your competitors, the next step in the creation of your brand identification is to communicate those unique brand values to your target market. With our comprehensive experience of digital and print design, Judd Associates are in a unique position to communicate your brand identity across a wide range of marketing channels.

Whether via a new logo, website, brochure or email newsletter, we can take what makes your business special and communicate those qualities to your target market clearly and effectively.

Brand Protection

Brand protection can be a key factor in the long-term strategy of any business. Your business can have a striking and memorable logo, a unique and beautiful website and the most compelling printed materials, but if you are unable to maintain the quality and consistency of that brand identity, the overall message can become diluted or even lost altogether. We understand the importance of protecting your brand, and we can provide all the help and advice you need to ensure that your brand identity and message remains clear and consistent across all marketing channels.

The Importance of Brand Protection

Consistent branding allows marketers to differentiate their product or service, deliver key business messages and encourage customer loyalty by promoting authority and trust in their product or business. By keeping a tight rein on brand consistency, marketers can drive customer perception from initial engagement all the way through to the decision making and buying process. A brand is more than just a logo or typeface; it is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company. The goal of any brand is to make their customers feel good about their product, so if branding encourages a sense of trust from the customer, then it is essential to develop the brand into a marketing framework and utilise that branding framework frequently.

Brand Projection

Brand projection is the art of creating an image of a company, almost like a photograph that is carefully staged and edited. As technology and brand design standards progress, branding becomes more sophisticated and innovative. Through rich media, marketing campaigns, reputation management, PR, advertising and social media engagement, a brand can be projected into the consciousness of consumers in a variety of ways. At Judd Associates we can turn your business into a living, breathing entity that engages with your target market on a personal level and influences the decision making processes of customers and prospects alike.

What is Brand Projection?

Brand projection is the result of a combination of image, reputation and behaviour. How a business conducts and presents itself via social media marketing, press releases and at exhibitions and conferences can have a huge impact on the way that prospective clients view that business. Traditional brand projection methods alone are no longer enough; the digital revolution has brought with it tremendous opportunities for prospect engagement, but at the same time it has increased the expectations of consumers in almost every industry. Brand projection is different to brand identity design in that it is how you actually interact with your audience as opposed to designing the image. A business can have a great brand, but if feedback on Facebook goes unnoticed, or quoted tweets on Twitter are ignored, consumer trust in that brand could be damaged.

Brand Management

As the top brand design and marketing agency in the South East, at Judd Associates we have extensive brand management experience. We can help your business to develop brand champions, deliver a consistent brand experience, understand your brand’s value, leverage your brand’s reputation and protect your brand through usage rules and legal rights. We know how to get under the skin of your current and prospective clients because we know what makes them tick, and we understand how to use brand projection methods to align your business with their expectations and needs. It is important to keep in mind that beautiful brand design is nothing without a carefully structured brand management process in place to protect the company’s image and ensure that its marketing objectives are met.

Physical Media Marketing

We can fully integrate your new brand identity into any aspect of your business, including a bespoke web design, as well as provide you with an extensive range of physical marketing materials and commercial branding solutions to keep your branding consistent.

Discuss your Project

If you would like to talk to us about your brand strategy including how to protect and project your brand effectively, please get in touch with James Golding on 01273 478822, complete our online enquiry form or email us at to discuss your requirements.

Case Study

Rix & Kay

With a brand identity that is so firmly rooted in the minds of clients across the South East, we were keen not to alienate existing clients so the Judd Associates design team created an enhanced presentation that formalises the display for existing clients whilst also being approachable to new clients. Brand Evolution has been the result rendering a friendlier, yet more cohesive identity presentation.

Rix & Kay


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