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At Judd Associates we are proud to call ourselves the No. 1 web design and development agency in Sussex. We provide numerous services to meet your requirements and give you the user experience that is right for your clients.

We can build everything from ecommerce websites, through to Content Management Systems (CMS) and custom WordPress plugins. Our in-house Sussex web design team of highly skilled web designers, web developers, user experience architects and graphic design specialists will make sure that the vision you have for your website becomes a reality.

Our Sussex based web design team has extensive experience of working with the latest software, practices and techniques to design and build beautiful, responsive websites that will help to increase your web traffic and search engine rankings, and make your organisation stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Web Design & Development

At Judd Associates every website that we design and develop is a bespoke web design that features a build that is as unique as the business it represents. We never use off-the-shelf templates, and all HTML/CSS is hand-coded to ensure optimum quality at every stage of the project.

Our graphic designers lovingly create beautiful PhotoShop PSD web design mock-ups bursting with originality and uniqueness, with an attention to detail unmatched by any web design company in Sussex or anywhere else. Nothing is more disconcerting to a website owner than discovering that another website looks identical to their own, which is why every bespoke web design that we produce uses our own responsive CSS framework to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Planning the Perfect Bespoke Web Design

Before we even contemplate creating a bespoke web design Photoshop Document (PSD), the first step to building you a beautiful website is to plan everything out in meticulous detail. Like all great artists, Our Creative Director and Lead Creative sketch out their initial thoughts and ideas before creating the bespoke web design artwork and web graphics. Along with these sketches and concepts, they will typically create a mood board, which is a collection of textures, images and text, in order to convey a thematic setting for the design.

During this phase of the project we will also carry out extensive research into your customer demographic in order to find out what makes them tick. We will also research your main competitors and other websites in your niche in order to ascertain how and why they are successful. For more complex web design projects, we will then begin the process of digitally laying out the various website elements such as navigation menus and content boxes.

Our talented team of web designers will create a wireframe mock-up of various individual pages in order to ensure that the basic structure of the bespoke web design meets the needs of your business, and fully harnesses the power of the content management system or ecommerce solution that powers the website. We will also create a wireframe mock-up of the responsive web design to make sure that the website provides a satisfying user experience regardless of the device it is viewed on. The mobile versions of the responsive layouts that we generate are generally very different from the desktop versions, so it is important to understand how both bespoke web design layouts function on different viewing environments.

Creating a Custom Web Design

Once we have carried out the necessary research, collated the required materials and planned the website layout and structure, our creative designers will take these initial thoughts, ideas and concepts and translate them into a digital design. Using Adobe Photoshop, our creative team will produce a bespoke web design in PSD format. The design typically includes each major section of the website as well as prominent features such as navigation elements, call-to-action boxes, form elements and buttons. Textures, lighting effects, colour gradients and background images are all expertly interwoven into a bespoke web design that perfectly encapsulates what your business is all about. Our creative design team know what works on the web and what does not, which enables them to produce PSD designs that can be converted into HTML/CSS layouts without losing any important design elements.

From Concept to Reality

Once the visual appearance of the website has been confirmed and approved, we then convert the Photoshop PSD files into a pixel-perfect, cross-browser compatible and beautifully semantic HTML5 and CSS3 encoded website. All of the websites that we build are hand coded and built using the Judd CSS coding framework. We employ cutting-edge techniques and utilise current best practices in order to ensure load speed optimisation and SEO friendly code. Our experienced front end web designers love converting beautiful pixels into awesome HTML/CSS mark-up to create breathtaking bespoke web designs that are W3C standard compliant. We try to keep images and heavy graphics to a minimum to ensure that fast loading is possible, while retaining the visual appearance of the PSD design. Every bespoke web design that we produce is semantically coded, well structured and features complete content and layout separation.

Once your new website has been fully planned and designed, the final part of the process is to bring the site to life. This is where we set up and configure the website “engine” and convert a beautiful bespoke web design into an enjoyable user experience. This usually involves integrating a CMS or ecommerce system into the HTML/CSS, coding section specific design layouts, adding and formatting client content and testing the functionality and features of the website. Once all of the bespoke web design and development work is complete, we then carry out a full site audit to ensure that your website is built to the highest standards and looks beautiful on any device.

Other Web Design Services

At Judd Associates we offer a complete web design service to ensure that your website is primed and ready to meet the needs of your business. In addition to our bespoke web design services we can ensure that your website is fully responsive, utilises a CMS that bests suits your purposes and if required we can provide you with a complete ecommerce solution. At Judd Associates we provide you with the full package to ensure that your website meets and exceeds your expectations.

Discuss your Project

If you would like to talk to us about creating a brand new lightning fast bespoke website to your specifications, please get in touch by either calling James Golding on 01273 478822, complete our online enquiry form or email us at hello@juddassoc.com to discuss your requirements.

Case Study

Las Bodegas

We discussed functionality requirements closely with the client to make sure that the new website had the right user experience. In doing so, we made sure that the interface is intuitive and that the website is simple to navigate. We have also been precise in making sure that the design of the pages for each wine also reflects the origin of each individual bottle.

Las Bodegas


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