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Not marketing your website is like winking in the dark …. you know what you are doing - but nobody else does. Professional and measurable optimisation of your site will bring success. Our in house experts will guide and help you like no other.

All sensible owner proprietor SME businesses should be employing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to make sure that their website gets noticed. Which company is the right one to help you turn clicks into clients? Judd’s web marketing specialists provide targeted search engine optimisation services to owners and directors across Sussex and the South East. If you’re looking for an SEO company in Sussex, Judd Associates are the experts – so get in touch with us to find out how your business can benefit from improved search rankings today.

A proper campaign will always aim to increase your position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of search engines such as Google. It will also aim to increase your position in Bing and Yahoo and at Judd Associates we have a proven track record of delivering well thought out creative yet measurable results. As a sought after SEO company in Sussex our top team can help with site optimisation such as fine tuning, rewriting or even providing fresh and engaging copy, including blog writing services in which we can research and write your website content either alongside you, or with you. We also provide technical SEO services that include offsite optimisation to help the right people find you.


At the heart of our web marketing services are our industry leading SEO campaigns that deliver results to ensure that you see a great return on your investment. Our campaigns will boost the visibility of your website across a range of sear engines such as Google and give you the very best chance of being found by prospective customers. In short the aim of our SEO service is to turn clicks into clients, so if you want to improve the position of your website on Google’s SERP, boost your social media profile, increase your SERP position, and generally make your website work harder, then our ethical SEO team are waiting to help you.

White Hat SEO

Being a professional digital marketing agency, we ensure that all of the SEO methods and techniques that we use to increase the SERP position of our clients websites are white hat SEO practices. What this means is that we employ optimisation strategies, techniques and tactics that are ethical and focus on a human audience rather than just on what a search engine wants to see.

For example, our skilled SEO team optimise a website to gain organic traffic and generate natural growth, rather than optimising a website purely for a higher SERP position using a range of underhanded techniques that can be successful at first but can result in only short term gains followed by a swift downfall that can be hard to recover from. To achieve the results that your company needs we put on our white hats and analyse and optimise not just your home page, but every single page on your website. Our web marketing team work hard to ensure that they provide you with effective, ethical, safe, transparent, and Google approved results.

Onsite Elements

Onsite elements are vital to the success of any SEO campaign, and these elements can include meta titles, meta descriptions, correctly implemented heading tags, image alt and link title tags, the standard of the copy on every page, keyword density, word counts, as well as LSI and targeted keywords. Utilising best practice techniques we can ensure that your website is perfectly optimised for the search terms you want to be found for, as well as ones that we feel would be beneficial to your campaign and website.

Offsite Elements

Whilst onsite optimisation is a vital part of any successful SEO campaign, outreach is equally as important. Outreach ensures that there are websites other than the big search engines are generating links back to your website, and we aim to achieve these links in as organic a way as possible, to make sure that they benefit your campaign.

Regular SEO Reports

At Judd Associates we understand that you want to keep on top of how your SEO campaign is performing. To make sure you know how well your campaign is doing we regularly provide you with clear, concise and easy to understand reports on the performance of your website including the position of your targeted keywords, visitor numbers (new and returning), and what work has been done and will be done going forwards, so you can see how your website has performed during the entirety of your SEO campaign.

Other Web Marketing Services

In addition to effective SEO and PPC campaigns, the talented web marketing team here at Judd Associates can also boost your online presence through PPC advertising and search marketing, CRO and growth hacking campaigns, an engaging social media marketing campaign, email marketing as well as video marketing. When it comes to web marketing, at Judd Associates we have you covered.

Discuss your project

If you would like to talk to us about how our talented web marketing team can benefit you by implementing an effective SEO campaign, please get in touch by calling James Golding on 01273 478822, complete our online enquiry form or email us at hello@juddassoc.com to discuss your requirements.

Case Study

Melior Clinics

Working closely with Melior Clinics we ensured that search terms were tracked which would be beneficial to generating interest in the website. We made changes to the content and the blogs that were being produced so as to beneficially optimise them.

Melior Clinics


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